Advanced nanomaterials are critical for next generation




cancer therapies

covid protection

and more...

But scaling-up new material technologies

requires decades of R&D
and millions in investment

Accelerated Materials reduces scale-up time and cost 10-100x
providing a complete solution with our game-changing methodology

We create or find the correct material to suit your individual product specifications

Combining decades of experience with artificial intelligence leads to cheaper, faster and more customised R&D 

We currently specialise in:

  • Functional additives for electronics and antimicrobial coatings
  • Particle and molecular filtration
  • Heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis
  • Electrochemistry and battery anode/cathode materials

We design scalable manufacturing processes to produce your desired material

Unlike conventional production techniques, our patented reactor technologies makes scaling-up as easy as “copy-and-pasting” a given operation

Using sustainable design practices, we specialise in creating processes with:

  • lower power consumption
  • less solvent usage
  • reduced hazardous waste

Accelerated Materials also takes care of producing nanomaterials on-demand, and at your desired capacity. For your convenience, our miniaturised manufacturing operations can take place at your production facility or at local toll sites. 

We are currently accepting requests for kilogram-scale quantities.

Working With Us

Step 1: AssesS

We collect your initial requirements and perform a detailed technoeconomic assessments to determine feasibility and pinpoint the best material-production system.

At this stage we can also assess the sustainability of your potential product.

Step 2: Trial

When we have successfully assessed your requests and defined a material specification, we undergo technical trials to develop the material to suit your needs. 

We typically undertake trials on a fee-for-service basis with full confidentiality agreements.

Step 3: Partner

After a successful trial period, we produce your desired materials and provide any other technical services required for a negotiated price. 

For each client a bespoke partnership agreement is formulated according to your intellectual property sharing requirements.